Arbor Day - Tree Dedicated to Mr. Fierro 4.28.17
Arbor Day - Tree Dedicated to Mr. Fierro 4.28.17

The committee is currently comprised of seven member and Council Liaison Angela Hayes representative .  They are an advisory committee and work closely with the Borough Council, Planning Board, Building Inspector Nick Saluzzi, the Borough Engineer and David Antoine, DPW Superintendent. 

In addition to their responsibilities to plant and protect shade trees throughout the community,

Arbor Day Tree City USA 2017
Arbor Day Tree City USA 2017
the committee is responsible for making certain that the municipal Tree Preservation Ordinance is observed by residents, contractors and landscapers and/or arborists.  The ordinance regulates the removal and protection of Heritage Trees with the understanding that owners have the right of reasonable use and enjoyment of their property.

Frequently, homeowners experience conditions where dead or dying trees on their own or neighbor's property cause damage or impending

danger. If the neighbor's tree is the culprit, please discuss the condition with your neighbor, who should take care of the problem.  If the neighbor is uncooperative, you may file a complaint. 

If you wish to remove or have problems with Heritage Trees on your or your neighbor's property, fill out an application for tree removal or a complaint form which you can obtain at the Office of the Building

Inspector.  You may also call Borough Hall who will inform the Shade Tree Committee Chairman of your problem.  Property owners desiring new shade trees to be planted in the street right of way in front of their homes may call Borough Hall.   If their budget allows, they will try to fill your request. 

 Shade Tree Committee


Liaison:  Angela Hayes

Certified Tree Expert/Arborist:  William Comery

Chairman:  Clayton Bosch

Marilyn Clark; Josephine Higgins; Kathleen Bagley; Bert Taylor; Carlton Disney; Wiebke Hinsch;

David Berger



Click here to read the 2013-2017 Community Forestry Management Plan

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